Focal agencies

Members have been designated focal agencies for each element addressed by UNFF, following a principle of shared responsibility. This division of responsibility is based on the mandate, competence, resources and comparative advantage of each member. The role of each focal agency is to strengthen collaboration among members, as well as with other partners, in order to mobilize resources and expertise, avoid duplication of effort and maximize efficiencies and synergies in support of the work of UNFF.

Key tasks of focal agencies include:

  1. facilitating the implementation of IPF/IFF proposals for action;
  2. providing documentation for UNFF sessions, including drafting reports of the Secretary-General;
  3. supporting country- and organization-led initiatives of UNFF;
  4. channeling requests for information and assistance to the appropriate sources.

CPF has also identified supporting agencies that work closely with focal agencies.

UNFF elementsFocal agencySupporting agencies
Formulation and implementation of national forest programmesFAOAll CPF Members
Promoting public participationUNFF (international)
UNDP (national)
FAO, GEF, ICRAF, World Bank
Combating deforestation and forest degradationUNEPCIFOR, FAO, CBD, UNCCD, UNFCCC, World Bank
Traditional forest related knowledgeCBDCIFOR, GEF, UNCCD
Forest-related scientific knowledgeCIFOR, IUFRO, ICRAFCBD, GEF, UNCCD, UNFCCC
Forest health and productivityFAOCIFOR, ITTO, IUFRO, CBD, UNFCCC
Criteria and indicators of sustainable forest managementFAO, ITTOCIFOR, IUFRO, CBD, UNEP
Economic, social and cultural aspects of forests
 - Economic aspects of forestsWorld BankAll CPF members
 - Social aspects of forestsCIFORAll CPF members
Forest conservation and protection of unique types of forests and fragile ecosystemsUNEPFAO, CBD, GEF, UNCCD, World Bank, IUCN
Monitoring, assessment and reporting; and concepts, terminology and definitionsFAOAll CPF members
Rehabilitation and conservation strategies for countries with low forest coverUNEPFAO, CBD, GEF, UNCCD, IUCN
Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded lands, and the promotion of natural and planted forestsFAOAll CPF members
Maintaining forest cover to meet present and future needsUNFFAll CPF members
Financial resourcesGEF, World BankAll CPF members
International trade and sustainable forest managementITTOFAO, World Bank
International cooperation in capacity-building, transfer of and access to environmentally-sound technologies for the support of sustainable forest managementFAOITTO, CBD, GEF, UNDP, UNEP, World Bank
Forest biological diversityCBDAll CPF members