Statements, reports and policies

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CPF statements

The statements represent a joint view of members on enhancing collaboration and supporting UNFF. 

CBD COP13: 12 December 2016, Cancun, Mexico

UNFF11: 4 May 2015, New York, USA

UNFF Ad Hoc Expert Group meeting: 13 January 2015, New York, USA 

UNFF10: 8 April 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

UNFF9: 24 January 2011, New York, USA

UNFF8: 20 April 2009, New York, USA  

SBSTA 29 of UNFCCC: 2 December 2008, Poznan, Poland

SBSTTA 13 of CBD: 19 February 2008, Rome, Italy

UNFF7: 16 April 2007, New York, USA

UNFF Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting: 11 December 2006, New York, USA

UNFF6: 13 February 2006, New York, USA

High Level Ministerial Segment at UNFF5: 26 May 2005, New York, USA

UNFF4: 3 May 2004, Geneva, Switzerland

UNFF3: 19 May 2003, Geneva, Switzerland

High Level Ministerial Segment at UNFF2: 13 March 2002, New York, USA

UNFF2: 4 March 2002, New York, USA

UNFF1:11-22 June 2001, New York, USA

CPF policy documents

Forest-related targets for integration in sustainable development goals 

CPF Rio+20 submission

CPF Policy Document 2107

Overview of CPF member's work
Implementation of IPF/IFF Proposals for Action

CPF members joint response
Voluntary Questionnaire on the Review of Effectiveness of International Arrangement on Forests


CPF progress reports

CPF Framework 2013-2014

CPF Promoting sustainable forest management
Highlights 2013-14

CPF activities and achievements
Presentation: English
Brochure: English

CPF Framework 2009-2010

CPF Framework 2008-2009

CPF Framework 2007

CPF Framework 2005

CPF Framework 2004

CPF Framework 2003

CPF Framework 2002

XIV World Forestry Congress 2015

Summary report: Towards a vision on forests in the post-2015 era

Global Landscapes Forum 2014

Closing statement, Eduardo Rojas-Briales, CPF Chair 

Global Landscapes Forum 2013

Opening remarks, Eduardo Rojas-Briales, CPF Chair 

International Year of Forests 2011

Joint press releases, 2011 

Sustainable forest management fact sheets

1 Multiple functions of forests 

2 Primary forests

3 Food security and livelihoods

4 Indigenous peoples

5 REDD-plus

6 Biodiversity

7 Gender

8 Adaptation to climate change