Forest events at Rio+20 with CPF participation

Título Organizador Fecha País Lugar Documentos
First Global Soil Week EC, FAO, UNCCD, UNEP, German Federal Environmental Agency 18 noviembre 2012 - 22 noviembre 2012 Alemania Berlin, Scandic Hotel Berlin Potsdamer Platz  
World Agricultural Heritage Systems, towards a sustainable development   22 junio 2012 18:00 a decidirse Rio de Janeiro, Rio Centro, Mountain Pavilion  
A Roadmap for ECE Forests in a Green Economy   22 junio 2012 13:00 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, RioCentro, P3-A  
Global Call for action on Mountains   21 junio 2012 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Riocentro, Mountain Pavilion  
Food for life & life of food FAO, IFAD, WFP, WB and Bioversity International 21 junio 2012 19:00 Brasil Rio Centro  
Global Partnership for Oceans: Coming Together for Healthy and Productive Oceans The World Bank, Principality of Monaco, Republic of Kiribati 21 junio 2012 17:00 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Riocentro, T6  
High-Level Roundtable on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture   21 junio 2012 11:00 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Riocentro, P3-F  
Goals for Healthy Soils and the Role of the Global Soil Partnership   20 junio 2012 19:00 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Riocentro, Room P3-B  
Integration of food and nutrition security, health and gender equality as key pillars of climate-resilient and sustainable development: the need for partnerships Public Health Institute (PHI), WFP, FAO, WHO, UNDP 20 junio 2012 16:30 Brasil a decidirse  
Third Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership   19 junio 2012 16:00 Brasil Rio de Janeiro, Riocentro, Mountain Pavilion,