Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I use the database to locate a funding source?

A1. From the home page select 'search funding sources' . A search form will appear in which you can specify:

  • the country in which you are seeking funds
  • the subject area
  • the approximate value of the funds you are seeking
Clicking on the Search button will generate a list of relevant funding sources.

Q2. Why isn't funding source 'X' in the database?

A2. A funding source may not be in the database for two reasons. Firstly, the source may have been considered but insufficiently relevant to sustainable forest management for inclusion in the database. Secondly, the source may not have been identified. If you know of a source of funds that you think is suitable for inclusion then please share that information with us - see Q3.

Q3. How can I contribute information to the funding database?

A3. You can contribute information on a new funding source by contacting us at Your submission with be reviewed for its relevance to sustainable forest management and inserted into the database in due course.

Q4. What is the project cycle?

A4. Securing project funding is just one component of a series of actions required to develop and execute a successful sustainable forest management project. This process is generally known as the project cycle and includes developing a concept note, finding an interested funding source, developing a full project proposal, receiving the funds, implementing and then evaluating the project.

Q5. What is a global funding mechanism?

A5. There are many diverse sources of funding that are unconnected to processes specifically designed to support sustainable forest management. The increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable forest management has led to the development of a number of global funding mechanisms which can provide funding for sustainable forest management projects. Examples include the National Forest Programme Facility, the Clean Development Mechanism and the Global Mechanism.

Q6. What criteria should I consider in order to maximize success for my funding request?

A6. Formulate your proposal according to the funding agency's guidelines and eligibility criteria and keep it free of jargon. Give your proposal to a number of friends or colleagues to review. Identify the costs and the BENEFITS of your project.

Q7. Will the Sourcebook provide funding for my project?

A7. The Sourcebook DOES NOT provide funding, so please do not send your project proposals to us. The Sourcebook DOES provide a searchable database of funding sources and their eligibility criteria and contact details. Please engage directly with these organizations according to their rules and modes of operation.