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Please be advised that CPF is not able to provide verbal or written support to any funding proposals submitted to funding organizations listed on this web site nor can it guarantee that proposals will be funded.  Please check eligibility requirements carefully before contacting grant making bodies.


A valuable starting point in the search for funding opportunities, this database provides relevant and up-to-date information on the types of funding available for sustainable forest management activities. The Sourcebook database undertakes to openly provide information to those seeking information on funding sources without prejudice.

Relevant data on funding sources are collected by active research and by soliciting both the forest community and funding sources to provide information in a standard format. Two scenarios for data collection have been identified:

  • where a funding source is readily identifiable from open sources, whether identified through research, a funding source or the forest community;
  • where a reference organization already maintains a database of funding sources that may include sources relevant to sustainable forest management.

FAO acts as the Sourcebook data repository. The database is managed so as to ensure data integrity, security and consistency. Quality control is performed in two stages:

  • information collected and entered into the Sourcebook will be as comprehensive and accurate as possible according to the defined data fields;
  • funding sources will be checked periodically to provide any further information that may have become available in the intervening period.

Criteria for inclusion

  • the source must be clearly identifiable with full contact, scope and eligibility information;
  • the funding source must provide funds as a grant, a loan or as equity to defined members of the forest sector for purposes that relate either directly or indirectly to sustainable forest management;
  • the source must be actively disbursing funds.

Naturally, different funding sources have their own defined objectives and geographic target areas. While these will differ widely from fund to fund they must fall within our defined scope to warrant inclusion.

Each funding source requires the following information: fund name, manager name, manager title and e-mail, organization name, address, phone number, fax number, Web site URL, type of fund and an abstract describing the funding.

All information on funding sources will be retained unless a funding source requests that its details be deleted from the database. Those funds that may cease activity will be marked as inactive rather than being deleted.

For more information on the criteria for including new sources in the database, write to

Important notice: Please check eligibility requirements carefully before contacting grant making bodies. Clearly ineligible applications are a waste of time for both parties and may lead to grant makers being removed from the database.