Tuesday, 20 February

Plenary Session

Tony Simons, Director General, World Agroforestry
Centre (ICRAF)

Keynote presentation: Setting the Scene 

Eva Müller, Director, Forest Policy and Resources Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Objectives of the conference, working modalities, expected outcomes 

Session 1: Approaches to managing landscapes in an integrated way under a changing climate
People centred approaches to integrated landscape management

Barron Orr, Lead Scientist, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) across scales: A people centered approach to integrated land management 

Saah A. David, Jr., National REDD+ Project Coordinator, Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Liberia

Community-based practices Supporting integrated landscape management in the context of REDD+ in Liberia 

Cora Van Oosten,  Project Manager and Programme Coordinator, Ecosystems & Landscape Governance Center for Development Innovation, Wageningen University

Halting deforestation — starting reforestation Prerequisites for using an integrated landscape approach 

Godlisten Matilya, Coordinator, Climate Change Project, Maasai Steppe Heartland, Tanzania, African Wildlife Foundation

Achieving multiple goals for sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in landscapes 

Augusta Mindry Anandi, Coordinator, Sustainable Land Use Planning, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) LESTARI

Participatory land use zonation to encourage transition from small holder shifting to sedentary higher value cultivation: Integrating jurisdictional and functional values 

Session 2: Approaches to managing landscapes in an integrated way under a changing climate
Agroforestry and silvo-pastoral systems

Milton Kanashiro, Researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA)

Legal Frameworks, Social Movements and Promotion of SAFs and Forest Management Resources in Brazil 

Sonya Dewi, Indonesia Country Coordinator, Senior Landscape Ecologist, World
Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Forest, Agroforest and Green Growth in Southeast Asia 

Daniel A. Ofori, Director and Chief Research Scientist, Forestry Research Institute of
Ghana (FORIG)

Landscape restoration through agroforestry 

Maria Rosa Mosquera-Losada, President, European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF)

Agroforestry and silvopastoral systems in Europe Afforestation, Reforestation and Agroforestry 

Yasmin Cajas, Entrepreneur, Silvopastoral systems

The forest transition 

Session 4: Approaches to managing landscapes in an integrated way under a changing climate
Sustainable agricultural production approaches

Kwesi Atta-Krah, Director, Country Alignment and Systems Integration, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

Sustainable agricultural production as component in halting deforestation 

Donald Macintosh, Consultant, Advisor, Asian Institute of Technology

Integrated mangrove forest — aquaculture systems A case study from Viet Nam combining mangrove conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable aquatic food production 
Session 5: Sustainable commodities and value chains
Achieving corporate commitments and zero deforestation initiatives for agricultural commodities

Toshimasa Masuyama, Deputy Director, International Forestry Cooperation Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan

Japan's Efforts for the Promotion of Deforestation - Free Global Supply Chains 
Session 6: Sustainable commodities and value chains
Forest products value chains in the bio-economy

Andrea Stocchero, Researcher, Scion Research, New Zealand

Sustainable wood & bio-based materials in construction 

Camille Rebelo, Co-Founder; CEO, EcoPlanet Bamboo

Bamboo based bio-economies A tool for forest landscape restoration 

Ulrich Grauert, Chief Executive Officer, Interholco (IHC)

Shaping the future 

Tieme Wanders, Research and Development Manager, Form International

Unlocking investments for New Forests for Africa 

Emmanuelle Marie, Head, Unit of Multilateral Environmental Cooperation; Directorate General
for the Environment, European Commission

The role of forests in the circular economy 


Wednesday, 21 February

Session 7: Sustainable commodities and value chains
Valuing forest ecosystem services

Bhaskar Vira, Professor of Political Economy, University of Cambridge
The case for a stock-based approach to account forests as natural capital                                                                                                             

Ravi Prabhu, Deputy Director General, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Win more, lose less 

Gerhard Dieterle, Executive Director, International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)
Incentivizing public goods services: Revisiting payments for forest ecosystem services in the tropics 

Session 8: Sustainable commodities and value chains
Strengthening small-scale producers and their organizations 

James Mayers, Director, Natural Resources Group, International Institute for Environment and Development (IED)

Small scale producers — the biggest private sector, the biggest hope for forests 

Plenary Session  

Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars Advanced Research Institute Fellow, Mars Incorporated

A private sector perspective 

Session 9: Forest smart policies and governance
Cross-sectoral policy coordination 

M. Mustafa Gozukara, Director General, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Turkey

All speakers' presentations 

Angelo Sartori, Head, Climate Change and Environmental Service Unit, Forestry Development Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Chile

Sidney Medeiros, Rural Inspector, Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil

Anthony McKenzie, Director, Environmental Management and Conservation, National Environment and Planning Agency, Jamaica

Thomas Maddox, Senior Technical Specialist, Fauna and Flora International

Session 10: Forest smart policies and governance
Improving land governance

Carin Smaller, Advisor on Agriculture Investments, International Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD)

Improving land governance in agricultural investments 

Session 11: Forest smart policies and governance
Role of different stakeholders 

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Senior Policy Advisor, Conservation International

Costa Rica 

Thursday, 22 February

Session 13: Innovative instruments to upscale progress: financing, technologies and research
Public and private international finance

Ben Valk, Head, Food & Agriculture Partnerships, Rabobank
Partnership for Forest Protection and Sustainable Agriculture (FPSA)                                                                                                                                                 

Adeline Donterville, REDD+ Expert, EU REDD Facility, European Forestry Institute

Aligning public and private investments to REDD+ objectives 

Eduardo Juarez Mejia, Director General, FINDECA, Small Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)
Lessons learned from the Forest Investment Program: Mexico's experience with the private sector 

Session 14: Innovative instruments to upscale progress: financing, technologies and research
Innovative technologies for land use monitoring 

Sara Aparicio

Big data: Unlocking the power of EO for forest monitoring 

Gilberto Camara, Researcher, National Institute of Space Research (INPE), Brazil

Innovative technologies for land-use monitoring 

Phoebe Odour, Remote Sensing Expert, SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa

Land cover mapping in the Eastern and Southern Africa region SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa's contribution 

Daniel Irwin, Research Scientist at SERVIR Global Program Manager, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Collect Earth Online: A web-based, collaborative reference data collection system for land cover and land use change mapping 

Diego Mohr Bell, Geomatic Coordinator, Forest Research and Extension Centre Andino Patagonia (CIEFAP)

Using UAVs and 3D representation in multi scale assessment and monitoring of landscapes 

Session 15: Innovative instruments to upscale progress: financing, technologies and research
Financial instruments to mobilize domestic funding 

Youssef Saadani, Former Director, Forestry, Tunisia

Pacte pour une Tunisie Verte : Un espace multidimensionnel pour le financement et la promotion du secteur forestier en Tunisie 

Alain Karsenty, Senior Researcher, Centre for Agricultural Research, Cooperation and Development (CIRAD), Department of Environment, France

Challenges and opportunities of domestic financing Earmarked fees/taxes, over-compensation and zero-deforestation initiatives 

Session 16: Innovative instruments to upscale progress: financing, technologies and research
Role of science and research 

Avery Cohn, Assistant Professor, Environment and Resource Policy, Tufts University

Role of science in disentangling controversies related to forest solutions