CPF Principals endorse Strategic Vision towards 2030

Photo: Stewart Maginnis, Global Director of the Nature-based Solutions Group, IUCN, and newly elected CPF Vice-Chair at the endorsement ceremony, ©FAO/Roberto Cenciarelli.

27 January 2020, FAO, Rome, Italy – Principals of the member organizations of the Collaborative Partnership (CPF) endorsed the CPF Strategic Vision towards 2030 with a bold and forward looking statement providing strategic direction to the work of the Partnership: “by 2030 all types of forests and forest landscapes are sustainably managed, their multiple values are fully recognised, the potential of forests and their goods and services is fully unlocked, and the Global Forest Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals and other global forest-related goals, targets and commitments are achieved.”

The Partnership strives to continue to effectively enhance coherence and synergy on forest-related issues and values among its member organizations. “This is crucial to move from deforestation to restoration” said Hiroto Mitsugi, FAO Assistant Director-General and Chair of the CPF, “in light of the upcoming UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the CPF has an increasingly important role to play”, he continued.

Today, the world is facing severe challenges jeopardizing the sustainable future of our planet and all people, regardless of political or geographical boundaries. Climate change and extreme weather events, floods, water scarcity, droughts, forest fires, forest and land degradation, deforestation, and biodiversity loss are hurting the lives, health and wealth of nations more frequently and with more intensity than ever before.

Although heavily affected by these challenges, forests offer a key nature-based solution to tackle climate change by providing vital social, environmental and economic benefits. To preserve, maintain and enhance the ability of forests to function as productive and resilient ecosystems and fulfil their role in addressing global challenges, the international community needs to effectively work together in a coordinated manner.

The CPF will collectively advance a set of strategic priorities to tackle global forest-related challenges. These strategic priorities are:

  1. supporting the achievement of the globally-agreed goals and targets on forests;
  2. promoting the science-policy interface and science-based decision making;
  3. enhancing communication and outreach activities;
  4. enhancing cross-sectoral collaboration, policy coherence, coordination, and integrated approaches;
  5. unlocking the full potential and values of forests;
  6. identifying emerging issues of significant concerns to forests.

The CPF will operationalize these priorities through its 4-year workplans which are fully aligned with the quadrennial workplans of the UNFF.

Pictures of the event are available here.