Good information on the extent of forest degradation is needed to elaborate policies and implement forest-management plans allowing the restoration of degraded forests and the rehabilitation of degraded forest lands. This document pulls together a range of views and approaches to the assessment of forest degradation. It should be regarded as precursor to the development of comprehensive, globally applicable guidelines for assessing forest degradation. [more]
Hijaba Ykhanbai [more]
Sally Bunning, Déthié Soumare Ndiaye [more]
R. Tavani, M. Saket, M. Piazza, A. Branthomme, D. Altrell [more]
Report from a technical meeting on forest degradation that included: an analysis of definitions of forest degradation, case studies on forest degradation and a review of results and recommended actions to improve measurements, assessment and reporting on forest degradation [more]
Peter Potapov, Lars Laestadius, Alexey Yaroshenko, Svetlana Turubanova [more]
Marco W. Lentini, Johan C. Zweede, Thomas P. Holmes [more]
Pema Wangda, Dorji Gyaltshen, Rebecca Pradhan [more]
K.P. Acharya, R.B. Dangi [more]
Thomas Baldauf, Daniel Plugge, Aziza Rqibate, Michael Köhl [more]
Carlos M. de Souza, Mark A. Cochrane, Marcio H. Sales, André L. Monteiro, Danilo Mollicone [more]
Dominic Blay, Francis K. Dwomoh, Lawrence Damnyag [more]
Robert Nasi, Nathalie van Vliet [more]
Carlos Bahamóndez, Marjorie Martin, Sabine Müller-Using, Yasna Rojas, Gerardo Vergara [more]
Michael Kleine, Ghazala Shahabuddin, Promode Kant [more]
Margaret M. Skutsch, Michael K. McCall, Bhaskar Karky, E. Zahabu, Graciela Peters-Guarin [more]
Towards defining forest degradation: comparative analysis of existing definitions, FRA Working Paper 154 Markku Simula The objectives of this paper are (i) to review the existing international and national definitions for forest degradation, (ii) to analyze their elements and parameters, and (iii) to identify their commonalities and differences. The study is focused on international definitions developed under various initiatives but a review of national definitions has also been made. [more]
Markku Simula Les objectifs du rapport sont (i) de passer en revue les définitions internationales et nationales existantes de la dégradation des forêts, (ii) d’analyser leurs éléments et paramètres, et (iii) d’identifier les similitudes et différences. L’étude est centrée sur les définitions internationales développées dans le cadre d’initiatives diverses mais une revue des définitions nationales a aussi été faite. [more]
Markku Simula Los objetivos específicos del informe son i) revisar las definiciones nacionales e internacionales sobre la degradación de los bosques y los bosques degradados (en consideración de los aspectos multilingües), ii) analizar los elementos y parámetros dentro de un marco común, e iii) identificar sus concordancias y diferencias así como las opciones para la mejora de su comparación, consistencia y coherencia. El estudio se enfoca en definiciones internacionales que se han desarrollado bajo varias iniciativas, pero también se ha hecho una revisión de iniciativas nacionales. [more]